How to Choose A New Washing Machine


    Everyone has to do laundry, but not everyone knows that the type of machine you wash your clothes in can make a big difference to your energy and water bills. There are two types of washers on the market these days: top-load and front-load. Until recently, top-load machines were the most popular choice for homeowners, while front-load machines were mostly found in laundromats and commercial washing facilities. These days, however, front-load washers are quickly becoming a better option for those concerned with energy and water conservation. Read on to see if a front-load washer is the right choice for you.

    High-efficiency top-loaders

    Created as an evolution of the ordinary top-loading washing machines. They haven’t got the agitator, so the load is larger. But even though we can wash more clothes at once, revolutions per minute are less than in other models during the spin cycle. You will use less water and save energy, but if your clothes are really dirty, the result will not be satisfactory. The washing cycles are longer and maintenance, as well as the cleaning of the filters, is a bit more complicated compared with other options.

    Compare washing machines to choose wisely

    Load capacity: be honest with what you really need. For 3 or 4 people home, a 7 or 8 kg load is enough. You can even find some 9 or 10 kg models.

    Energy efficiency: an energy-efficient appliance lasts around 10 to 15 years. Choose appliances with an A+++ or A++ energy labels, good for the environment and good for your pocket.

    Washing programs and functions: choose the right cycle for your clothes, in any case, will save your money and, again, is good for the environment.

    Spin cycle: more revolutions per minute means a better spin cycle and a free of musty odors laundry.

    Noise: think about the decibels in your kitchen and choose washing machines with noise reduction (no more than 80dBs during the spin cycle).

    Delay start: a delayed start will help you to wash at any time, and you can even wash during the night, with saving energy rates.

    Delicate clothing: be sure your washing machine includes a delicate cycle for this kind of laundry. A washer with a Woolmark certification is a guarantee to know your most delicate clothes will wash safely.

    Washing machines are the most commonly used household appliances in homes, so purchase with caution, Click the for extra Tips on Choosing the Right Washer for You and information of washing machine parts - Semi Automatic Wash Motor