Madden hauled here at all

  • It was a new thing in the previous iteration of NCAAF and buy Madden 21 coins I wager their frothing in the mouth hoping that name returns in the future so they could have another cash cow UT game.It's fine to at least get an acknowledgement. We have nothing from Nintendo with #FixUltimateOnline. I hope EA gives Madden exactly the same remedy they did Battlefront II in reaction to the backlash.

    Ya know, madden does have a community manager. He simply literally only articles over on the greatest team sub. Its absurd. I perform a lot of Destiny, and there could be riots if Bungies community supervisors just talked about 1 match mode. This would not have occurred if Madden hauled here at all. They start adding features during the year. We are done waiting an whole year for essential standard stuff that may be an upgrade.

    I can not wait to find that the capacity to employ assistants them and again lauding this as a massive thing. This has come to be the worst year and change for sports games. The Display was not even particularly memorable this year. Like, none of that ought to be hard, but it sure sounds like no one wants to put in the time to produce these games worthwhile.

    Next year will probably be even worse. 2k has not even shown gameplay yet and they are already getting dragged through the mud. That's cool. I expect they ACTUALLY fix it rather than only fill us all with empty promises! But they wouldn't do that! Man, if they could just put legends for Fantasy Drafts, I would be a much larger supporter. I gave up after 19. Franchise mode is basically season mode where you can move players, and the gameplay is 360/ps3 era jank. Should they do be able to improve Franchise and make it meaningful and deep, then yeah, I would be willing to return. I'd even forgive the jank gameplay simply to demonstrate that I support their attempts to create Franchise great again.

    However, seeing is believing and I highly doubt that their going to revamp an whole mode in under a month. Maybe 22 will be the year we see meaningful change. I always wanted historic stat tracking for my franchise team. Halt the score board from blocking the view of the kick will be fine too. Have a DB who returns kicks have their stats monitored and exp. (The best returner in NFL history was a DB) Only a few of my observations I dont ever see overly posted. Possibly something occurs positive with mmoexp legit franchise, so I kind of know much better tho.