There's no time to respond to NBA 2K21

  • I left some experimentation with Nba 2k21 Mt all the blue/yellow graph. By placing the attributes in the very same locations but only changing the position, Pg gets more completing but less defense (19f, 3D), SG gets finishing but more defense (17f, 6 defense), SF becomes even less completing but more shield (15f, 7D). Note I did not fill out the entire category, only the vital ones like peremiter, lateral, steal and drebound. It's still the exact same futile movement. First of all, it seems difficult to activate. But when you success, why the hell your man does not go into the basket? Instead of moving closer to the rim, it does a sort of fade slow cartoon that's impossible to hit. I don't know if you've tried it, but up and unders expired after 2K16.

    Let's see if I can explain this so everyone understand that it has to be addressed to devs. It's literally impossible to use the aiming system in layups. To start with, because there are like hundreds of unique animations and it happens so quickly you can't react to them. But most important. Have you tried doing a reverse or a euro step? Within this type of layups you have to hold right stick in a particular direction, so then it's completely impossible to flick the stick in less than a second to target the target. This shooting system should not use to layups. There's no time to respond to it.

    Reverse or baseline dunks nevertheless were tripping at OP levels. Just watch one of joeknows stream of the demo. Got it men! Hold the electricity bouton on the switch and then wait until the Turn closes. Then power on the change and Voila! Dropped 23 as a pure slasher.

    Biggest takeaway: Quick fracture slashing is OP on newcomer difficulty. Lateral quickness is much more important than speed for freedom to really shine. Shooting took a hit this season so having the ability to lock down those who may take is an essential necessity. Some badges need buffed while some want nerfed. HOF slither fin requires a buff, HOF pick pocket demands nerfed.

    What is your opinions on a mid range slasher construct. It is apparently very much like the interior out playmaker from this year I made one now and I got contrasted to steph and trae. Is dunking worth a defensive or playmaking badge? I'm making a play shot of build and possess everything pretty sound on features, but my dunk is basically nonexistent and I have 17 extra attribute points to create him dunk or cheap mt nba 2k21 place it on others so that I can get a different badge. I've 6 defensive and 23 playmaking. Suggestions?