We can always enslave other clans and get RuneScape gold

  • Now that there are less noobs and RuneScape gold much more people in tune about wild and stuff, it is a little harder. Before I would have a whole fight with ingesting at around 20hp eating that low basically because I would hit constant 10s and 15s and they would food spam and wont be able to attack me, today they overtake me with claws. Pking is always fun, I have money to spare for the 100k+ I lose everytime I die. Not once I believed"this brand new runescape sucks". Comon, things change. Get used to it, adapt. I use my oldschool ways of pking. With only 89 range, 60 attack and 70 str (:-LRB- ) I handle.

    Off topic. When I chose to come back, I combined a few of my most favorite pkers cc's. Most who do not even have a cc. Until I joined one of my most inspirational pkers, the one who made me into being a stove pure. Yankin Deez, that I decided to contribute 1mil to help for one more pk vid. And surprisingly he's a pretty cool guy. And he added me too. Anyways, discuss.

    Clans, clans, clans -- that's all I appear to hear about at the office nowadays. In light of this, and of our quite epic'Clan Celebration Month', I have decided to start my own clan, but would like to be certain that it is bigger, better and cooler than every other clan that has ever existed. EVAR! That is where you come in. I want YOU! All of you -- to sign up and join me. So. . .if you join we could begin stomping on innocents, looting villages and pillaging all Gielinor in search of gold. Alternatively, if that sounds somewhat energetic, we can always enslave other clans and get them to do the hard work for us.

    Who is with me? Who's going to join us to select the rest of them ? Allow me to know by posting on the join forum thread to demonstrate that you have joined the clan. We want as many folks as possible so that we could make our mark on the clan world. When I say'make our mark', I mean'stomp into oblivion' As much as the notion of beginning an awesome clan rocks, I believe we are likely to need an equally awesome title if we are planning to make a real impact on the clan world. This is where you come in. Can you think about a cutting edge name for the clan? If possible, please post it at the clan name tips thread.

    I will be collecting the best clan titles from the suggestions thread and then upload them in a poll right here on our Facebook page. From that point, you can all vote on the best one. The future is ours. I'm saving up for my fantasy armour (currently have roughly 42 mil) and now I would like to know what u guys think about it. Berserker helm (dont want to do the quest to acquire neitz for the additional 3 beachfront incentive ). I know these things are better than what I posted, but my goal isnt to receive them. They may be in my next goal, but all of those items are extremely time consuming and hard to get, or simply not worth my time at the moment. Now for rs3 gold my reasoning with this particular armour...