Ive been doing aviansies for RuneScape

  • Meaning that at your def lvl (70+) you ought to OSRS gold be tanking to make the max profit (you dont use ppot at this way, just b2p tabing). I invite you to get the trollheim spell because you will save 5mins of walking every trip. If you've got 55 slayer choose the wide bolts since they strike such as jagged ones. Miths are only fine tough. A bandos item is totally useless since there are not any bandos follower where the aviansies tend to be.

    This is exactly what you should get before visiting aviansies. I'd really suggest you get 70 range either should you tank or pray (this process being a waste since you have 70def). Obtaining 70 range will allow you to have the ability to use the gods range materials and also have a far better range attack bonus and protection against followers. I would say its practically a must so you get the max profit from every excursion, wich can continue forever based on the quantity of spells you bring.

    Ive been doing aviansies for money since 70 range and im 86 right now. In my experience, here is the very best cheap/efficient installation you should use. The inventory is fine, ovewhere I'd keep 1 or 2 free slots in case you get bars drops or hint on your first kills, maybe bring like 50 higher alch spells. In case you have any query . Hope I helped.I only have a few questions about PvP: What does being skulled do and how can you become skulled? What armour and stock should I use when PKing? I was level 106, now my level is 100+6. Why can it be 100+6 rather than only 106? Any other suggestions on PKing? What exactly does being skulled do and how can you get skulled?

    This means you will lose all of your things on death. If you arent skulled that means you will keep your 3 most precious items on departure. To have a skull above your head you will need to strike someone . If someone attacks you and you don't have any skull, you can strike them back without even being skulled. Watch it has a penalty. This is dependent upon your combat related lvls and everything you can afford to loose. I was level 106, today my level is 100+6. Why is it 100+6 rather than just 106? Lvl 100 battle + 6 combat levels gained with summoning. Any other suggestions on PKing? Bring a Dds its a fantastic way to place someone K.O using the spec + toxin. Know what yo ucan afford to loose. High Range lvl and high strenght lvl is a big +.

    I'm planing to get 80 ranged soon so that I could proceed to avansies and tank there for some excess money. I only had a couple of questions: Do you think that it could be a good supply of money? If I play 3 hours per day on weekdays and 6 hours on weekends, how long would it take me to get about 20m? How much would I get per day? Is this a fantastic setup and is there anything I should add? : Torags Helm, Torags legs, Zamorak d'hide body, Saradomin bracers, Armadyl pendant. Climbing boots, Rune c'bow using wide bolts, Granite shield.Should I buy a Bandos godsword or Bandos torso and tassets (im leaning a bit more to cheap RuneScape gold the tassets and chest)