I had been trying to RuneScape

  • Get the entire body gloves and RuneScape gold use those for the exp but I'm telling u man, Members is most likely the only speediest way to reach 99 RC without killing yourself, once your manhood, I recommend beating the"Lunar Diplomacy" quest and utilize Z.M.I altar because thats the best exp but likely not money, once you hit 82 in members, do double-astrals and you'll make good money from them until 92 at the least. If your going to be F2P and getting 99 RC, fantastic LUCK! This will easily take you longer than one year. Oh ya, if I were you, I would buy the essence, if you mine the essence your self then your looking at probably mining over 2m character, lmao, fantastic luck with ever your going to select.

    One of my clanmates, Gota H8 Stds, lately achieved that, and it was an insane amount of work. I suggest going for something more reasonable before choosing the huge 99 goal. Look up her in the event that you would like some idea exactly how long it is going to take. Method she employed: FoG'til your fingers fall off. GOP precisely the same. Spend it on air tokens, and spare the FoG tokens to buy gloves with. I really don't understand what the xp/hour is with the teleporting procedure, but I know that using all the Draynor cabbage-port method (mine), I can get about 20k xp/hour.

    But you just may want to think about very carefully that just 12 people have gotten 99 rc as pure freeplayers -- a feat pretty much impossible for someone who's only got 2 hours every day. Not wanting to be discouraging, just sensible. Best of luck on whatever goal you choose, and I hope my input was helpful.

    I had been trying to determine how long it would take me to get 99 rc. Even if I use body gloves, it is going to take me around 1000 hours. . .if I rc for two hours daily, it is going to wind up taking me about 17 weeks, and that's not likely to happen, lol. I really don't want to invest 2 years just to get 99 rc. I am not just rich, so I must mine my ess if I am likely to do so, and that is an adequate amount (can not remember how much exactly, but it seemed like alot).

    So, I looked in the great orb project, but I do not know anything about it. By spending the time to do this, do it save time? And if so, how much? I read the tut on Sal's webpage, but I am still somewhat confused. I figure if you guys say it'd give me better xp than regular crafting, I will just figure it out. I notice it said you get 2x xp by OSRS gold doing the undertaking. So, if I wear gloves, do I get 4x? Cuz that would be way quicker xp, haha.