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    As I write this Lamb of God lead singer and escaped GWAR Slave, Randy Blythe, is still locked up in the Czech Republic. For those of us who wish to do whatever we can to assist and support Randy, be sure to attend the rally on August 31st at the Canal Club, hosted by yours truly, the beautiful yet brutal Evil Eve, and a host of awesome bands TBA. Proceeds will go to the Randy Blythe Defense Fund..

    Been watch Alien movies too much, aka the Nostromo refinery and seeing spaceships travelling across the universe. It mission was to bring 20 million tons of ore to Earth for the fictionally named Sound familiar?? How about the movie Avatar, and the upcoming Avatar II, which was also a mining company, named RDA, on Pandora extracting unobtanium? Sound familiar? (The connection is the fellow named Michael Biehn, who worked on both films and is a great mate of Mr. Cameron!).

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