It is almost necessary to play as a hunter in order to level up

  • The last thing to note is that the fact is that it's the WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold way it is. It is based on your class that you're typically only able to pull 1-2 mobs at a time before you have to eat/drink, and unless you're being extremely careful, you'll die at times, no matter what. Classic is that type of game where you can't just stomp even regular mobs your own level until you've got an extremely high level character, and you are able to funnel resources to your alt.

    Questie is available to download. Download WowUp, an addon manager that installs your addons in the right folder and notify you when updates are required.

    Questie will reveal where all of your level suitable quests are for your particular faction throughout the globe, and provide you with the exact location to go to complete the quests on your minimap and map. As you progress to higher levels, going across continents or to other zones which aren't readily apparent become much more crucial to ensure a smooth experience when you level. Questie is an excellent tool to assist you in finding the right quests for your level.

    In addition, The weapon you use is extremely important. If your weapon is a few levels behind, you are likely to be struggling to kill level appropriate mobs. Classic/TBC will always be challenging to take on many enemies at the same time. This is the way it was created to make the leveling process more engaging overall, but can be frustrating to players who aren't in the best mindset.

    I feel that the levelling let's concentrate on this part, is slow, I'm not going to deny that it's designed this way and I'm not a fan of the consistency of it. It isn't as smooth as it ought to be for the Hunter class with a high DPS. I'm lacking mana, gold, and damage. I am constantly dying, I can't kill one mob at a time due to my limited mana pool. So once I kill a mob I must end the fight and recover health and mana. I have only a couple of useful skills that can let me survive and to deal with the damage. Hopefully this will improve later on but I am beginning to doubt that maybe I'm not going to stick with Wow for long enough.

    It is almost necessary to play as a hunter in order to level up. You must ensure that you have all the skills you need. It is possible to download a threat meter to fake aggro in order to be able to pull it from your pet. This is the classic. It's not a great idea to spamming all the fights. My other hunter enjoyed a smooth experience. I recommend adopting an attitude that says it is sometimes necessary to bring your pet in and then only auto-shot for a handful of mobs, until your mana is able to regenerate in its own. My hunter simply puts on the hunters mark, serpent stings, and send my pet to the area for over 50% of the cheap WOW TBC Classic Gold mobs. If I manage to pull in too many mobs, I could burn through my mana. I must resort to cool downs or traps to escape that situation. Keep in mind that if your hunter has been boosted, you will have a harder time replacing most of the communal gear.