It is believed that the evil forces have driven guthix

  • They [Jagex] need to form a combo of Smithing and RuneScape gold Mining Guild. You'll need to be lvl. 60 in each to enter however, it is important that those who are excellent miners/smithers to have doors that separates them. Mining Guild Re-Vampedc’mon seriously, approximately 5 mithril rock and 30 coals. I'd say 15 to 20 mithril as well as 10-12 Adamant. 3-5 is more than enough. Some 8-12 gold. This would make the guild extremely popular and over-populated, so perhaps not the runite part.

    Smithing Guild. In smithing, what are the two most important components? Anvils and a furnace are two of the most important elements of the smithing process. This part of the guild is largely filled. A shop would allow people to purchase or sell the bars and ores from the mine or smith. However, because it's an npc store, the price of selling and the purchasing price will be less than G.E. This is to deter people from staying too long and earning a lot of money.

    I tried posting this on the official RRS forums however, since no one replied I thought I might aswell try posting this on sals. My idea for a start is: Zombie Wars.

    This is a mini-game for runescape , which allows players to teleport to another world. Everything is normal , except for certain things: everywhere is dark, deserted and there's a fog hanging around, the villages are gone and there are zombies all over the place.

    It is believed that the evil forces have driven guthix, saradomin (and the other gods who aren't supportive of zombies everywhere) out of runescape. So now zamorak, and gods like zamorak and other gods of evil have taken over and saturated the earth with skeletons and zombies as well as many other horrible creatures. This mini-game lets you only attack enemies but only other players. To make it easier for teams to work together, there is multi-combat everywhere.

    Every game should have at minimum 40 players. Every player is taken to a city. It could be varrock, lumbridge, or seer's village. Each player must protect their town until the zombies are defeated. They'll arrive in waves, with each one getting harder. After they've defeated waves 5 and 6 the spirits of dead warriors will teleport to falador, where they will meet the teams of other cities. All of them must overcome "the Hive" which is a giant gooey egg-like shape, it releases a horrible gunk into the cheap RS gold players, once they have defeated that the hive, a gigantic boss zombie emerges from it. It begins at 400 levels, and increases 20 levels for each player that is left on the field.