In addition, I ask that you leadTo protest

  • Your logic is scarily similar to "my family don't wear aion classic kinah buying mask (do repeated tasks) and we haven't been involved in covid (did not get banned) therefore not wearing mask (doing repeatables) does not increase the odds of you getting covid (getting banned)"

    "Have you ever seen anyone detained?" It's always "I didn't do nothin' wrong!" until there is evidence that reveals exactly what they were doing wrong. "

    Or when they are proving that they're lying and you are able to have it in both directions. So if you insist on trusting a company KNOWN to make mistakes every single day (and holy goodness, NCSHiT is really good in that regard), then we most certainly don't have much to discuss since you are blind and an individual who blindly follows this type of business. Man, when the gov says something I'm sure you will take it as the ultimate truth or something. Keep living a good life, grasshopper.

    "Hi Cherish. "Hi Cherish. They agreed to study and seek out further information. I'll keep an eye on the situation for any new developments that have been issued which are worthy of sharing to everyone.

    Then someone was sitting there , imposing bans on individuals they could see coming into and out of SR. This seems like an awful way of doing this but I have the impression that this company is not able to log any data as it appears thus everything is done manually that requires monitoring in real time.

    In addition, I ask that you leadTo protest this behavior You should eliminate the player from your legion. Also, this player needs to be banned by the entire Asmodian faction. This type of aggressive fraud is very harmful to Aion however it is able to be stopped if we adopt the proper steps to ensure there are consequences for not just NCsoft but also from the community too.

    A great example of this is Trump calling COVID "The China Virus" and the aftermath when Asian hate crimes soared in the months that followed. COVID was first recognized in China. China is home to the world's biggest population. The virus was also extremely destructive in India as it is the second largest nation on earth. However it was quickly eliminated in New Zealand. Are you seeing a pattern?

    Now, let's fast-forward to the week immediately following this banwave. The majority of the time, there aren't enough players to stand up to them. Elyos are currently at the level limit, while Asmos had cheap aion classic kinah two to three times the 50s in the first couple of weeks.