Maybe a bit less. But there are still many memorable

  • If we compare Overwatch with what could have been with WOW TBC Gold Project Titan and WoW and what could have happened the case if WoW was released in 2021. My guess is that WoW2021 will be limited to a few half-assed Arenas or BGs as well as the loot box.

    It's kind of silly to claim that they haven't implemented anything on the IP, especially if you take out their highly-respected MMO built around that IP they've been maintaining and updating for fifteen years. What else are they doing, apart from Warcraft 4?

    I'd like to see a brand new version of WoW with an upgraded engine would be wonderful. Imagine height actually meaning something when fighting or using projectiles that block or hit things that weren't originally their target.

    It's actually a absurd argument. Modern expansions include a larger amount of mounts than the TBC expansion did. I'd say there's plenty of variation in the design and the acquisition. TBC was essentially dungeons drops, Grindy dailies for some fame, and then the nether drakes, which were incredible in design.

    The whole concept of paid consmetics in an MMORPG is totally unjust. Classic was so popular since every cosmetic item was tied to an in-game achievement. Rare Mounts and such were an important item of prestige. When people are able to buy them , they are insignificant. I'm not sure why people still pay money for mounts

    Maybe a bit less. But there are still many memorable items from TBCC like stunherald and Dst, Dragonstrike al'ar, warglaives among others. There aren't as many dungeonblues as things from the P1 that last longer than in classic.

    I believe that not-to-be-missed by-name items will fade away quickly in later expansions. I can mention a few wotlk objects, maybe three cata items, but nothing more than the ones in the expansions. The only exception is the maledict trinket. It was notable for any reason...

    2-healing-NB is my preferred method for healing. I use pots early to replenish near full mana. Shadow friend is a character that appears during the 2nd ground phase. You can also pot CD to cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold restore it when the fight is over if have it. I have also runes, however, I do not use them unless I am in SHTF.