The initial transition from Vanilla to TBC

  • I'm thinking about getting back into WoW (was very into it right up to the beginning of Cataclysm). I absolutely enjoyed the game all the way through WotLK and I'm considering dropping retail and going with WOW TBC Gold Classic or Classic TBC. I'm not certain about how Classic TBC functions. If I create a Classic TBC character will this mean that I won't be able to utilize it for Classic TBC content. What happens in the event that a Classic TBC character is released and Classic WotLK is released? I don't understand the evolution across these classic games . Would appreciate it if someone could help to clarify the confusion for me.

    The current classic server comes one from the old fashioned time period. It's stuck on the Naxx patch. TBC is an progress server. It's in the second phase that includes T5 content. It's likely that we'll move to Wrath even though the details aren't announced yet.

    TBC Classic Era (Vanilla) and TBC Classic Era are currently available. Both are distinct clients. At present, making a character in one won't be made available to the other. You are stuck on the version that you started with.

    The initial transition from Vanilla to TBC was handled in the way that they changed the "Classic" client to TBC and also added "Classic Era" as a new choice for downloading. All characters were transferred to "Classic Era", and both the "current" as well as the "Classic Era" versions were disabled. The next step was to select which one you would like to activate. This will stop users from using the other copy (the majority of users activated only the TBC version).

    Imagine Warcraft's name. We haven't seen much of it in vanilla , or TBC. Warring between alliance and horde, apart from battlegrounds there isn't too much happening.

    What would happen if Blizzard did not launch TBC however, instead they released an expansion that was basing itself on the foundations laid in vanilla? There are foundations that include neutral battlegrounds, neutral pvp areas and a chat room known as "LocalDefense" (I had trouble accessing it because I didn't know the exact title) factions, factions, and cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold other things.