In 2022, Path Of Exile 2 will arrive

  • Many game studios and their production progress have been slowed down due to the pandemic. In the "You've been Delayed" box, Path Of Exile 2 has a big tick in the box. As the head of the "Grinding Gear" studio, Chris Wilson said that the expansion of Path Of Exile is estimated to be realized in 2022.

    In an interview with PC Gamer, Chris Wilson explained how the increase in travel restrictions hindered the development of the team. In the end, the development of Path Of Exile 2 was also hindered. Chris Wilson said it hates the things that blame Kovic, and this is the biggest part of it. Internationally, it is difficult for us to recruit. The exponential level of our asset creation team will decrease due to the closure of New Zealand’s borders.

    Chris Wilson said that in order to make up for the lost development time, they will start this POE Currency year. They need to estimate the release date based on the amount of work done. The development progress is not so fast, because what we do to fight Path of Exile 2 during 2021 is our goal. For the release date, we can better understand.

    In 2022, Path Of Exile 2 may be launched. PC Gamer was confirmed by Chris Wilson. Buy POE Currency

    The sequel to the POE Currency Buy loot-filled action role-playing game (RPG) is Path of Exile 2. A new seven-act storyline will be introduced into Path of Exile 2, and the storyline will be provided to players along with the original ad campaign. He will also bring players a new skill gem system, new advantage classes, and more similar things.

    Players should not confuse Path Of Exile 2 and Echoes Of The Atlas. On January 15, players can play the game. New maps, endgame content and new challenge alliances will be provided to players in the game. Players need cheap POE Currency in Path Of Exile, so they can get it on IGGM.