The release date of Path of Exile Harvest has been announced

  • Grinding Gear Games as the developers of Path of Exile, they announced the latest expansion of Harvest as a free action RPG Path of Exile. Many players are looking forward to it, and they feel very excited about it. For a long time, players have been looking forward to this game.

    On June 19th, this update will be released on PC. One week later, on June 26, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions will also be released. New game elements surrounding the planting of wild gardens will be introduced in this expansion. Players can unlock powerful production options in the game, because these options are not as good as before.

    All over the country is its seed bank. After the players discover these plants, they can plant, care and harvest in the game. Players will get powerful beasts when they dig them. When players are defeated, these beasts will exhaust their vitality in order to carry out powerful handcrafting or grow exotic crops.

    The gameplay in this game has been changed, and many other upgrades have also been introduced into this game. The POE Trade official said that the harvest challenge alliance, powerful new craft options, eight new skills, two new auxiliary gems, two-handed weapon conversion, combat skills, brand, grand slam and passive skill tree itself will be included in this game. In addition, 12 new unique items will also be launched. More than 50 existing items will also be rebalanced.

    Since its release in 2013, Path of Exile has received widespread attention from players. For this game, GameSpot will be awarded the "PC Game of the Year Award."  20 million players have experienced Path of Exile. In 2019, the game's first fan meeting was held in the name of ExileCon.

    Currently, players can download Path of Exile for free on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Players can log on to our website to learn more.  is now holding a discount event for players that is very beneficial to players. Any player in this game can enjoy a 5% discount on payment with the coupon code ADS.