Inspired by Path of Exile

  • Blizzard revealed new information about Diablo 4 in the POE Currency  online-only BlizzCon 2021 event. The next mainline game in the trophy-based ARPG series of Diablo is Diablo 4. In the end, Diablo 3 became an excellent game.

    The way to make Diablo 3 makeover is through its update and "DLC Reaper Soul". Its endgame content is one of the biggest elements missing from the "Diablo" series. Compared with other games, "Diablo" does not encourage players to enter the endgame. But to be honest, the balance between discipline and advancement can be frustrating.

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    Most of the things to do for the franchise in "Diablo 3" have been completed, except for the issue of distribution. Some fans will be disappointed by changing the direction of the game. Novice players can easily play in the game.

    Most of the endgame content in Diablo 3 is repetitive. The reason for this is that players will slowly improve their equipment when encountering increasingly difficult rifts or bounties. But this is not the goal defined by the player. If it cannot guarantee many upgrades, it will become a huge obstacle.

    Path of Exile has defined the goals and content of the final game for players to use. Players can use skills to master and overcome bottlenecks in the construction without having to repeat the same content. In Path of Exile, players who want to easily carry out the final game content need to overcome these bottlenecks in their own construction or skill improvement.

    The inevitable is the ending in ARPG based on loot. There are many ways to alleviate this problem. From the endgame content of the road of exile, "Diablo 4" can draw inspiration. If players need the POE Currency they desire in Path of Exile, then they need to purchase it on