Why Should You Use A BBQ Grill Mat

  • BBQ grill mats are the nonstick cooking surface that you should use for your barbecue because of the benefits that they bring. However, not many people know what is the right way to use a BBQ grill mat when cooking in order to reserve the taste of the food. It is not just as simple as putting the mat on the grate and cooking on it. If you are not careful, you can ruin it. Therefore, we are going to provide you tips and tricks on how to use a BBQ grill mat properly.

    Why should you use a BBQ grill mat?

    If you are tired of scraping your barbeque off the grill before cooking something new, you need a BBQ grill mat. Not only does it help minimize clean-up, but it also allows you to cook everything, including pancakes and delicate foods. For example, you can easily cook filets of flaky fish, and small items that could slip through the grate.

    The design makes them perfect for food like fish, eggs or loose vegetables.

    Even if you’d like to cook steak with sear marks, you can simply turn the grill mat and make some room for hardier food that benefits from the grates and cook softer stuff on the mat beside them.

    A grill mat really opens up your cooking opportunities. Use them to preserve sauces and spices while heating them up to be really creative.

    You can also use grill mats to make your end-of-cookout cleanup that much easier.

    Scrubbing down a grill mat in the sink is a lot easier than scraping the grease and gunk off thin grilling grates.

    You’ll also save the mess you might have made if some of your food fell to the bottom.

    Another great benefit to grilling mats is that they’re extremely portable. You can bring them anywhere, even camping sites, and use them as sanitized, clean cooking surfaces.

    You might not be able to trust a random campsite grill, but you can definitely trust your grill mat.

    Despite all the advantages, grill mats have two downsides to be aware of:

    Grill mats can catch fire, so avoid using them over open flames or exceeding the heat limit

    Grill mats can be easily damaged with metal utensils, so you need to be careful when spearing meet or cutting it open to check.

    There aren’t any real flavor differences between a grill mat and a griddle.

    You will miss out on a bit of smoky flavor since the food won’t be directly exposed to a flame.

    In fact, meat that exudes juices will end up cooking inside them, improving flavor in many cases.

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