5 Health Benefits of Adjustable Height Desk

  • Few decisions are easy for small business owners, even those that seem unimportant. Office furniture is one of the decisions that becomes more important the less attention you give it. With Adjustable Height Desk and ergonomic accessories, you can avoid the trap of choosing terrible office furniture, and instead, get workstations that benefit your business greatly. Here are the top reasons why adjustable height workstations are right for your small business.

    Increase the productivity of your staff

    People need to get out of their chair and move at least five minutes per hour. Micro-breaks reduce fatigue. Many employees do not have the flexibility to get away from their workstations every hour. Using a sit-stand desk allows employees to take a break from their static posture without leaving their area.

    Create flexible workstations

    Electric adjustable desks allow users to comfortably and quickly adjust to the task at hand by the touch of a button. For instance, if a colleague or a customer drops by, it is no problem... you can adjust the desk to a group working level and meet in comfort. As an added bonus, when you stand you can keep meetings and "on the fly" interruptions shorter.

    Prevent injuries

    Fitting the workstation to your individual needs can reduce the causes of work-related stress. Alternating between sitting and standing and reduces these risks much further by avoiding problems caused by static posture or positions.

    improve your mood productivity levels.

    There is seemingly a positive influence in using this desk in your energy and motivation towards work.

    According to a 7-week study, people who used the height-adjustable desks appeared to have less fatigue and stress than those who worked sitting all through.

    Averagely, there was an increase in energy in 87% of those who used standing desks all day long. Upon resuming to the old desks, moods went back to their old levels.

    Relieve Back Pain

    By alternating sitting and standing at your desk, you vary the weight put on different joints. This diversification of position and movement can help to relieve stress on joints that could potentially lead to repeat stress injuries. Standing uses more energy than sitting, so in terms of fatigue-related pain, it is important to vary your position throughout the day and alternate between sitting and standing, in a balance that makes sense for your body.

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