How to Take Care of your BBQ Grill Mats

  • The grill mat is an essential accessory for the best grilling experience. It provides a wide range of crystal-clear benefits that few alternatives can compare. a Mesh Basket is a mat that lies on the grill grates to prevent the food from exposing directly to the flames. But how to care your grill mats?

    First of all, remove them from the box and wash them thoroughly in soap and water to remove any manufacturing and packaging residues. Never use abrasives of any kind when cleaning the mats. Avoid scratch pads and powdered cleaners. Use only water, liquid soap and a soft cloth. After washing, rinse them well, and wipe off the excess water with a dry cloth. Allow them dry, until all moisture is gone from the surface. You can use your dishwasher if you prefer – grill mats are dishwasher-safe, but use the top rack only.

    Use them correctly

    After washing and drying your new BBQ grill mats, you’re almost ready to put them to use. First though, you’ll need some specific tools to use them effectively and not damage them. The techniques used are a bit different than those used when working directly on the grill.

    Never use metal tools on the mats. Whenever metal comes into contact with a nonstick surface, it leaves scratches and these add up over time and break down the integrity of the cooking surface. The best tools to use are a set of silicone tipped pincers and a hard plastic spatula, so be sure to acquire those, before you start using the mats. You can find them at any store that offers kitchen implements. You’ll also need a can of your favorite cooking oil spray.

    Using oil

    I realize that many online ads for the grill mats say that you don’t need to use oil, but the Txyicheng grill mats behave the same way as Teflon™ cookware and the oil makes the food simpler to handle, eliminates sticking and makes cleanup easier. So be sure to use oil.


    You’ll use a two-handed technique to manage food on the mats. Use one tool to anchor the mat and hold it in place while you use the other to flip, turn or otherwise move the food around. Cooking on the grill is very easy with the grill mats because food doesn’t fall through the grate and you won’t have to wrestle with those pesky foods like fish that usually adhere to the grill.

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