Runescape should be able to have a pet ability

  • You can acquire an ability that RuneScape gold you can use as a pet. While my friend was playing on his other computer, I watched while I sat in the back. He was riding a kind of elephant, or I donu. I was thinking that Runescape should be able to have a pet ability. Although I'm not trying to be greedy, I am aware of the expense involved in running a refresh of Runescape. I'm not like the other novices who offer random ideas that cost hundreds of dollars.

    When Zamorak is killed Zamorak falls to the ground, then turns black and crumbles to ash. The ground is struck with his sword. You then fall over onto your back with your legs straight, and your arms stretched out. Your right hand will release your divine weapon It transforms into an ordinary weapon, while Bandos's transforms into an obsidian maul. The three other weapons have their objects transformed into a dragon-themed item similar to the one you have.

    You can hear the requiem playing in the background . You begin to see the visions of the future. The wilderness is transformed into a lush paradise. West Ardougne and Varrock become sparkling cities. Slowly, evil begins to fade away until the world is a better place. You fall asleep and the camera turns black. You wake slowly at the same spot in a secluded location. It appears to be the exact location in which Zamorak was defeated.

    You return to Azzanadra, and he takes you to a different chamber in the pyramid. You are greeted by Zaros, who thanked you and offered you a casket. You open it and it has a letter inside as well as a set of clothing along with a weapon.

    Accept this gift of a pair of my robes. They will protect you from the scorching desert sun and sand, while providing protection against monsters too. These six brothers are a better explanation. You might have heard about them. They wore armour and had weapons so great they were safe from all dangers However, they were cursed by an unknown observer. Each one of them was infected with minor injuries and died slowly and painfully. They are buried now in large mounds close to buy rs 3 gold the great city vampyres.