Lost Ark Spending an Eternity Together

  • Three of Lost Ark Gold them can be found within Saland Hill. The first is located in the Aregal Salt Plains. Find it in between two barricades made of wood. If you're close to this watch, you will get the opportunity to study it. This location is marked in the gallery of screenshots below.

    The Time to Spend Eternity With Each Other 2nd Secret Story Location Lost Ark. The second is to the south. When you get here you will be greeted by an unopened bag. Similar to before, you must approach it and you will get the inquiry prompt. This spot has been marked and referred to our screenshots.

    The third and last spot to be visited is all the way across the southeast of the map. The ring can be seen at the bottom of the map, and when you are near it, you'll be in a position to interact with it. This is the end of the story to the Hidden Story. In the end, you'll receive a bonus of 2 to your Charisma as reward. If you're looking for other Hidden Stories, we've explained how to go about completing all the ones in Rehtramis.

    Asmongold explained why he thinks Lost Ark is seeing such an impressive amount of interest on Friday after he pulled a record 400k viewers from his Lost Ark official launch stream that was broadcast before the game had its official launch.

    "This was completely out of the blue, I didn't expect it to be anything like that," Asmongold said, in regards to people's interest for Lost Ark. "I wasn't sure the game would be that big. [...] I never really thought that Lost Ark would be as famous as it has become, but I think the factor that makes people want to play the game, in the most basic truth is because it plays just like Diablo however it's superior to Diablo. "He added: "It has the visceral combat of Diablo, the system and depth of Path of Exile, and it's got the zanyness of Final Fantasy. There are plenty of gamers looking for Lost Ark Boosting the next big game, I think that is what a lot of people are looking for. It's what a lot of f*cking people want."