Xbox Game Pass includes NBA 2K21, Madden NFL 21, and more

  • As rivalry begins to get tougher, Microsoft continues to Madden 21 coins secure deals to secure increasingly more high-profile titles on Xbox Game Pass. Along with putting every Xbox Game Studio title on the stage, Microsoft has also poached some popular third party games to combine its subscription service. Now, we have got our appearance at the next slate of Xbox Game Pass names, and it is heavy on sports matches.

    As usual, Microsoft chose to Xbox Wire to announce the new additions to Xbox Game Pass. Two of the most notable titles here are Madden NFL 21 and NBA 2K21. Both still less than a year older, Madden and 2K are massively popular every year. As a result of Microsoft and EA's deal that brought EA Perform to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, subscribers will be able to jump in and enjoy Madden NFL 21 free of extra charge.

    NBA 2K21 is also a huge get for the platform, as 2K is consistently among the best selling titles every year. This will be a excellent opportunity for basketball fans that might have been waiting to see the sport get a discount. There's not any given date for Star Wars: Squadrons, however it has been verified that fans are going to be able to jump into the cockpit at the end of March.

    Madden NFL 21's Strange SpongeBob Crossover Explained. Of all of the possessions for Madden NFL 21 to have a crossover with, no one could have anticipated the SpongeBob Squarepants franchise to make an appearance. However, this is just what is happening, as SpongeBob's look from the latest Madden game is place to occur sometime tomorrow. While it's still unclear about what the crossover will comprise, as it might be anything from particular Ultimate Team Cards to a Bikini Bottom-themed arena, the bigger question is precisely the SpongeBob-themed event is happening in the first place.

    Although it's surely going to be odd to see SpongeBob sharing the stage with soccer players in Madden NFL 21, the confusing event isn't without reason. Surprisingly, there's an explanation behind the sudden SpongeBob teasers, and it ties back to the property that Madden is based on. With the NFL and Nickelodeon having a largely undiscussed relationship, a greater understanding of the crossover begins to buy Mut 21 coins present itself though knowing why the SpongeBob connection is being made does not make the simple fact it is occurring any less bizarre.