Rsgoldfast - Swordcross Island is a Really large island

  • Enjoy! Please, feedback would really be great, although rs 3 gold not on the amounts outlined above. Perhaps if you have your own technique of how these could be regulated, or perhaps think that they should not be in all... discuss your ideas, please! It will make the thought that much better. Welcome, persistent reader, to my last suggestion. This one has nothing related to battle. It will, however, have to do with rather large level magic, so listen up. All of these however, the Ring of Wealth can have additional effects (such as teleportation) after they're dipped into a reservoir in either the Heroes Guild or the Legends Guild. (The Glory can only be recharged at the Heroes Guild, the necklace and bracelet in the Legends)

    After their fees are consumed, the jewelry has to be brought to the appropriate guild before further use. My suggestion is that, instead of needing to go to the guild every single time you run outside, there will be a Lunar Spell (after Dream Mentor) which may be used to recharge the jewellery.

    The jewellery must have been billed once before. Graphic: The caster holds up a giant purple stone in one hand and raises another hand over their head, extending the hands down to the stone. White light flows from the palm into the stone. Recharges enchanted up to fourteen bits of enchanted dragonstone jewelry at the caster's inventory. The"around fourteen" part is indeed that high level mages can reasonably utilize it, but not have it be overpowered.

    A few refinements added, because of some player named Acemcdonut who understands a good deal about PvP. This is a proposal for a new PvP region which should be a suitable replacement for the Wilderness. Comparable to a few of my previous ideas concerning the Widlerness. I expect PKers and explorers alike will appreciate it. The issue with Bounty Hunter is the fact that it's too compressed and featureless, this area ought to be plenty free enough.

    Swordcross Island is a Really large island, nearly as big as Karamja, in the sea East of the Wilderness and north west of Morytania. Its name doesn't have anything to do with its shape; it's only named that cheap OSRS gold because it is a player vs. player place.