Rsgoldfast - Return to Varrock and to the castle

  • Only loses its charge if it is damaged by an exploding stone. To recharge it, take it to RuneScape gold the Mining mini-game's reward store and exchange in 5 shards. Iron pickaxe handle (cost or no charge) - Specializes in iron ore. Only loses its charge if it's damaged by an exploding rock.

    To recharge it, take it into the Mining mini-game's reward store and exchange in 15 shards. Or take eleven iron ores and some money and have Nurmorf or even Bob recharge it.Head to the Goblin Village and head to the general's Construction. A cutscene occurs and you find the generals talking about how they combined forces with Lucien and the zombies. Your personality immediately steps in and threatens all the generals. Following a little arguement using the generals, one of them attacks you.

    Kill him he is just level 43. Then, quickly run from the village and return to Falador as the other goblins will begin to attack you. Speak to Sir Amik and tell him that the goblins are actually a part of the problem. Nulodion walks into the room while the dialog is occuring and stated the Overseer has seen the goblins and the zombies drawing , and they're ready for the assault. In addition, he says the multi-cannons are set, with cannonballs in them. Sir Amik wants you to go to the battlefield and direct the attack.

    Grab a weapon and also some food and head out to the battle. The Varrock soldiers as well as the White Knights are prepared, Talk with the White Knight General, Remus Olain to Start the battle. In this conflict, you want to kill 15 goblins (levels 3-15) and 25 zombies (levels 20-105) to finish the battle.

    You will see after you have killed all you have wanted they retreated. Return to Varrock and to the castle, where you'll notice King Roald is missing. There will be a notice on the dining table, saying that he has been captured! He's now a prisoner of war and he's being tortured by Lucien and Zamouregal for cheap OSRS gold information. It says he is being held at the Godwars Dungeon!