I'm not active with runescape

  • I tried convincing him that O.N. I tried to RuneScape gold convince him that O.N. was dead IRL, but I kept getting asked what he'd lost in terms of GP. I surprised him by telling him that his dragon platebody had been taken along with a black pickaxe. Conversation will be uploaded shortly. My point- Do you think that Runescape is just as friendly as ever? Are you more friendly than other players?

    Personality - I often avoid people. However, I look at things with their eyes. They think they're awesome and smart, which means that they are just stupid. But then they say something stupid snd i go back to wanting to punch them. It's an EFFIN game Most people don't know it! I laugh when they get an A in algebra 2 and I get an A in remidial math.

    Disclaimer: I do not take part in these stupid glitches. My assets are over 150m+ and I don’t have to do anything stupid to make it happen. So people who claim I am cheating or something like that ought to be dead. THIS IS NOT THE 25K TRICK z0mg!

    Pewpew, I haven't updated for over a year since I'm not active with runescape. I'll be educating people on the PVP bug. This is not the same topic where the host just warned people about the bans.

    It's fixed, so stop trying me. The glitch was first discovered by a handful of friends, and as time went a long more discovered it, much like dragonstone or grapes techniques Eventually whole clans began to use the glitch. I won't say exactly, but it was related to putting items in your familiar to trick the drop system into believing you lost that buy runescape 3 gold amount of money - so next time you die, you'd be CHA-ching!