Rsgoldfast - A few ideas I've thought of in my mind

  • What took you this long to complete this, and osrs fire cape service not just leave the AGS/dragon claws as is? Some weapons have more powerful special attacks than others. Whilst we can look at these on a case-by-case basis, items such as the claws have been a part of the game for over a time now. As the claws/AGS are clearly linked to Attack, they can't be removed. They can also be visible if they are held by someone, whereas a boosted status doesn't.

    What is next? I increased my Herbore level, but some benefits were removed. It's ok. I have 99 Herblore therefore I can understand the loss. However, we have decided that we will spend time making improvements to Herblore. This doesn't necessarily contradict the above points or answers. Let's look at if this thread could be utilized constructively to make some potions together. The thread will be closely monitored and we'd like users to submit any suggestions or trades.

    A few ideas I've thought of in my mind (no guarantees). are potions that might give regeneration abilities over time, or leech health for a specific amount of time (like 1/2 the damage you cause is repaired for a brief time), or maybe a potion that might help prevent the death of a character...

    Which F2P creature gives the greatest amount of loot It's not the most valuable single drop of an item but it is the most valuable over a lengthy period of fighting the creature. Many have chosen level 83-cockroach soldiers in Stronghold of Player Security.

    Although it is possible for members to take on "F2P" level 83 cockroach soldiers to receive good drops, there are no assurances that level 85 cockroach troops will have the best drops from F2P. The member may find that the cockroach soldier drops are very excellent, however this isn't a good drop for F2P. Many people also suggest level 82 Lesser Demons in the volcano, Karamja Island. They boast about their rune medium helmets that buy runescape 3 gold they've gotten as drops.