Rsgoldfast - P2P players have many options

  • Why is earth runes (39gp) and fire cape osrs water (37gp) more affordable than fire/mind runses? Just curious. You might be wondering. These runes are not uncommon and may only be crafted by very small numbers of people. Fire runes are frequently dropped by many creatures. Mind runes are essentially ineffective. Keep in mind that air runs are runes that are most frequently seen in spells that are standard-spellbook. Because they are almost ineffective and are extremely inexpensive. Earth runes are used in the Vengeance spell, which is 10 at a time, and this spell is all over p2p pking.

    Although I haven’t played for over a year, I recall that the fastest method to earn money from combat in F2P was through collecting large bones. It's about 30k per hour. There are no high-level NPCs you can kill to reward you with rewards such as drops. A smaller number of demons could give just 10-15k/hour. The F2P player will spend approximately 3 hours collecting 100k combat drops.

    P2P players have many options. They can gather dragon bones from dragons in green and earn perhaps 100k per hour. They can join teams to hunt GWD bosses such as KQ and KBD and get lucky and collect drops of more than 1 million. There are other ways to make money in p2p.

    According to this, while it took the f2p user to make 100k the p2p participant could likely earn 300k. Woodcutting is possible in both f2p as well as p2p. I think magic trees require 75 wc to chop, so a p2p player with 70 wc won't be able to utilise them. P2P players could make use of an axe that is dragon-like, but it only provides a small increase in chopping rates when compared to the rune axe. So, cutting yews, the rates of p2p as well as F2P are pretty similar. (The only real advantage of p2p is less people at each yew-cutting place).

    Fishing is a faster way to make money by fishing than the fishing industry in P2P. The fishing for swordfish/lobsters in Karamja in f2p costs you around 20k per an hour (no idea about buy inferno cape osrs this one).