Bots have changed the RuneScape game's gameplay

  • What is the reason you would want to rs3 gold end RSBuddy's bot-client? Bots have changed the RuneScape game's gameplay. With the use of bots becoming increasingly widespread following the launch of free trade, and the recent announcements by Jagex It is evident that bots are now blatantly detrimental to the game.

    If you're like us, and you love RuneScape's game You'll be aware that bots are antisocial and reduce the value of your time. Gold farmers use bots to destroy the game and earn a lot of money. Jagex has put in a huge effort to solve this problem. We hope that you can join us in sharing the excitement of playing with real players.

    It could be seen as a quick change in the heart. Watch my interview with Ability44 on YouTube. Is this the end of all botting in RuneScape? Yes. Yes. I'm confident that there won't be any major bot clients returning to RuneScape. The remaining auto-clickers and screen-scrapers they will be addressed in the near future.

    Another bot site claims that they'll be up soon; why shouldn't we believe them? The other bot sites out there may claim for a while that they will fix their bots within the next few days or weeks: Had I chosen to make RSBuddy 1.5 to the general public, it would have required another overhaul within a couple of days. They are so far behind that other botting sites didn't have updates ready by last week. Don't hold your breath.

    I know another huge MMO that hasn't dealt with bots. What is it that makes RuneScape different? It requires time and financial investment to remove bots from RuneScape. I've never seen another company willing take that hit. It takes a great amount of dedication to buy rs07 fire cape the game that we're here.