RuneScape - The area's new design uses recycled graphics

  • I'm probably very wrong here however it seems that Jagex puts more thought into RuneScape gold Treasure Hunter/Solomon's updates than regular game updates. A lot of the items made available could have been utilized for a new quest or skill improvement. Particularly portable ranges and forges.

    Quality is more important than quantity, do you think? This isn't the case. It indicates that 2005 wasn't of high quality or that it is today. The quests for this year: One of A Kind - OK. It should be rated Master rather than Grandmaster. It is also extremely rushed. The area's new design uses recycled graphics (celestial dungeon is identical to the Brimhaven metallic dragon area).

    Fate Of The Gods Excellent / excellent. It's a little tinier, but it's executed very well. Shadow Over Ashdale - Novice and short, but good atmosphere. The Mighty Fall – Pretty Good. Plague's End - A few parts were good but rushed. Two are rushed, three are great. I'd say If we look at a few final 2013 quests, I'd say that a few others are obviously rushed as well, like Birthright of the Dwarves which did not have a Post Quest Dialogue until the release of Plague's Endeavor (almost a year).

    2005 quests: Unfortunately, I don't have a complete list of 2005 quests. But here's a selection I discovered. Desert Treasure - Pretty good. Part II of Mourning's Ends It's an intense, but not one my top choices. Rat Catchers - This is long and sort of humorous. New areas are being released. Swan Song - New Area with a great boss fight. Plus 20+ other quests. None of these felt like they were rushed.

    This is not what I meant. I meant that people are looking that quests these days be well-written, with decent cinematics and decent rewards. I've completed about 40-50 quests with my ironman. Most of them feel like "do you x", "do you" or "do you do y" or "do Z". They also give me the chance to collect items as well as buy old school rs gold complete quests.