RuneScape - I believe that one god cannot be destroyed

  • What do you think about RuneScape gold Guthix Do you think Guthix belongs to Gielinor because he did so amazing things for the organization. He also tried to keep it balanced. I like balance and Guthix was my mentor, therefore Guthix isn't gone. My theory was born.

    I believe that one god cannot be destroyed. Only their bodies are capable of being killed. Their minds will not be destroyed and they will be able to return in the event of an entirely new body. Guthix, the strongest non-elder god, could also make an avatar from natural resources. Guthix is likely to return and claim Gielinor.

    He restores the peace of Gielinor, and then let it be. Do you agree? I'll share my idea right now. God's worship can only be part of something greater. Example: Guthix may have died but the balance of power is preserved in Gielinor. Guthix is able to live as long as Zamorak, Saradomin and Zadomin maintain Good and Evil in balance. Guthix can't die if there is equilibrium.

    Guthix being God of Nature also, Guthix could have killed half. Gods can take over nature and kill any living thing. Guthix could then be half-dead. Everyone knows Zaros was murdered. However, the time is now Guthix has returned, so why would Guthix not do the same? Guthix is stronger than Zaros. I hope someone will read this and comprehend what I'm talking about. Because I'm trying Return Guthix back home to Gielinor. If you have understood this and feel it is correct, please include me on your RuneScape friend list. My character is One Ley.

    He passed away in the event that he created The World Wakes with Sliske’s help. Which I don't believe is likely. Guthix was the most powerful of the "normal" Gods due to his exposure to the Stone of Jas’ powers for so many years. It's safe to assume that he lost a lot of his power over these years. It's not likely that he was powerful enough to be able to buy old school rs gold handle such shenanigans.