Getting OSRS gold on rsgoldfast is a great experience

  • You and I agree. Supervisors and quests in buy RS gold are very high quality. Speaking as a former RS3 participant who made the leap. I am hoping that RS3's content will not be overlooked as a result of uncontrollable mtx greed. I don't play RS3 myself, would you elaborate on the endgame articles? Does RS3 work? Would want to see how end-game supervisors have been in RS3, any hard bosses you may recommend?

    It will work with the same tick system. Solak (group), Vorago (group), Araxxor, Telos and Nex: Angel of Death (group) are all good examples of endgame RS3 bosses. Fair warning: RS3's interface is ridiculously complex and even I sometimes struggle to wrap my head around the keybinds high-end players use. Good mechanical breakdowns of the bosses are available here for Telos and Araxxor. I haven't seen anyone mention that being great at RS3 pvm benefits you far more than it rewards in OS imo. For instance, in one of the RS3 bosses called solak.

    You're considered high tier in duos if you can consistently get sub-par, which is best 500 if I am being generous, with being ordinary at like 10 mins. But the top 20 individuals with the same gear and invent setups get sub-par consistently since they can bypass mechanics through tight dps checks, that jump like 20 seconds or so at one time, while top 100 folks get like 6:30 kills. Back in OS on the flip side, I was nowhere close to the end mechanically. I had been so poor that I couldn't do 4:0 olm, which was meta back after I played 2 years back idk now using a 4 way switch. However, I was far off the max eff players anyways. It is easier to drive yourself to be the best if little optimisations can skip entire mechanics than a few seconds basically.

    Bosses in RS3 are an wonderful experience. Rots (hard manner barrows, you struggle all 6 brothers at once and they're super powered), Arraxor, Telos, Angel of Death (Nex Hardmode), and runescape 3 gold are amazing improvements to Runescape that actually highlight that the combat system isn't that terrible (today, it was dogshit on discharge ). I wish OSRS would do some thing together with barrows at the way RS3 did. Rots is my favourite team based activity in almost any game I've ever played. It is just so fun.