RuneScape to be able to keep Mogres from distinct regions than

  • In nightime(maybe), or whenever people think that it's mandatory, camps would spring up around the cook, the firemaker, the woodcutter, and a few warriors/mages/rangers/all. Obviously they'd still have to be wary of combat OSRS Fire Cape, even thier own campmates may not be trusted. It would be prohibited to enter a POH, so innovative woodcutters could create log benches, crafters could make tents and such, and thats basically how camping would go, while still remaining PvP.

    This whole idea sounds rather complex, but I will come right out with it. The amount of players in the world affects the sum of distinct tactics to get supplies, and there'll always be the pkers. One of the fact that this could be a survival world, I would like to execute something many previously have said.

    Have bonuses for associates camping and skilling in hazardous areas. For instance, the crafters making tents, that would heal players who use it, would get a crafting bonus for producing something like this at a dangerous world. Skulling would make you stand out like a sore thumb, leaving your camp vulnerable to pkers who prefer to get EVERYTHING.

    Players on the hiscores list,or those who manage to thrive in survival could be awarded with"royalty" a sort of thing, which means: that this person may be invulnerable to pkers, however the smart raider would dethrone him. The economy would basically inflate merchandise prices or deflate item prices, like in a standard world. Willows would be pricier than oak logs, however for some reason, thier not. Because people go for willows the most, believing there going for the fantastic money. This could cause the price of it to fall.

    (This would be more difficult to apply if any of those holiday events feature tradeables, which would pull in the pkers into the loot) Notorius PKers who've gathered loads of kills during there survival session will be jailed if killed, its sort of like the shantay pass thing OSRS Buy Gold, but it's just something small to deter kill after kill after kill after kill.