What exactly is the Box of Many Things in World of Warcraft: Sh

  • Toughest, World of Warcraft's roguelike system that was introduced with the Shadowlands expansion last year, is receiving a number of significant enhancements in the latest patch. By the end of Patch 9.0's lifespan, the often-repetitive nature of Torghast had become extremely stale for many players. However, brand-new ways to spice up the system in Patch 9.1 are already being implemented into WoW. For example, get the materials you need for consumables in Naxxramas or buy Classic WoW gold online from other players.



    It is one of the most recent methods for players to advance their characters through Torghast, and it is called the Box of Many Things. The Box of Many Things, which is similar to other roguelike games such as Hades or Risk of Rain 2, is a permanent item that allows World of Warcraft players to continue progressing and strengthening their characters after each run through Torghast.



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    During their time in Torghast, players can gain permanent abilities from the Box of Many Things, which does not reset after each run through the dungeon. When combined with the countless hours of endgame content available in Torghast, the Box of Many Things allows players to utilize a tangible progression system for the first time. Here's everything you need to know about getting your hands on the classic Box of Many Things. When is the Box of Many Things going to be available for purchase? I've attempted to look for the cheapest wow gold classic offers in order to gain an advantage in the game, as well as how to use it to its fullest potential in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Patch 9.1 and beyond.



    Getting Your Hands on the Box

    Entrance into Torghast on any difficulty is the first step toward obtaining the Box of Many Things' code. Locate an NPC named Ve'nish, who is almost always going to be at the end of a floor, and speak with him. Ve'nish, on the other hand, can appear in a variety of locations throughout the floor at any time, so make sure you've completed a thorough sweep of the area before moving on to the next floor.

    Once you've located Ve'nish, accept the quest he offers you, which is aptly titled The Box of Many Things, and turn it in to the Runecarver outside the Torghast instance when you're finished. The new Torghast talent system, which is intertwined with the Box of Many Things after you complete the quest, will become available to you after you complete it.

    Screenshot courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment


    Inside the Box of Many Things, there are six rows of talents that can be obtained. Each of your talents will provide you with a distinct boost to your power while inside Torghast. In contrast to the majority of other aspects of Torghast gameplay, the progress you make with the Box's talents is carried over into your subsequent Torghast sessions.

    The further down the talent rows of the Box you go, the more powerful the talents available for you to choose from become. In the first row of talents, simple buffs and quality of life changes such as increased movement speed and more effective looting capabilities are available to be obtained. Once you reach the bottom of the Box's talent tree, your skills are rendered useless. Players who have a lot of extra WOW gold classic will have difficulty selling it on platforms such as Eldorado because the currency is no longer available. However, you will have access to far more powerful passive abilities as a result of the change. For example, in the sixth row of talents, you will be able to select a talent that will allow you to deal an explosion of shadow damage to nearby enemies whenever you use an empowered ability.

    However, the further you progress through the ability tree of the Box of Many Things, the more resources you'll need to survive. With the introduction of Patch 9.1, the resource Tower Knowledge, which is used to obtain talents from the Box of Many Things, has become a critical component of completing Torghast runs.

    Increasing Your Tower Knowledge

    Tower Knowledge is the currency that can be used to purchase abilities and passive talents from the Box of Many Things in the Tower of Doom. To obtain Tower Knowledge, you must complete a number of Torghast runs. The higher the layer of the run that you are attempting, the more Tower Knowledge you will earn after completing the run. Attempting a higher layer of the run will earn you more Tower Knowledge. Additionally, when you are awarded Tower Knowledge, your overall effectiveness during that run is taken into consideration. For example, a flawless run with no deaths will result in a bonus of 200 bonus Tower Knowledge points.

    Tower Knowledge has a weekly and seasonal cap on how much can be learned. The seasonal cap increases by one point each week, in the same way that Conquest and Valor Points do. It is not possible to get your Tower Knowledge back once you have spent it on an ability inside the Box of Many Things.