The greatest free agents available who could fit the Titans' re

  • The Tennessee Titans still have some positions they can improve upon before the start of the 2021 season, with some being a higher priority for the team than others.

    Tennessee has a few different options for accomplishing this, including trade and free agency, but the latter option appears to be the more likely option given the Titans' recent trade of draft capital for draft picks.

    If the price is right and the Titans have the financial resources, there are some players available on the open market who could help them fill their most pressing needs at defensive line (end or nose tackle), tight end, and kicker, among other positions.

    We've also included available players at the Titans' backup quarterback, cornerback, and right tackle positions in the event that the team is dissatisfied with its current options at those positions.

    Without further ado, here is a look at the best-available players who could contribute to filling Tennessee's most pressing needs heading into training camp.

    The Cover Athlete for Madden NFL 22 appears to have been revealed.

    It appears that the cover athlete for the 2021 edition of Madden NFL has leaked ahead of schedule, despite the fact that Electronic Arts usually doesn't reveal its box art until later in the summer for each year's edition of Madden NFL. Given the player in question's dominance in the NFL over the past few years, it's reasonable to assume that the art we're seeing is also entirely legitimate in its content.

    The cover of Madden NFL 22 Coins is expected to feature Derrick Henry, the running back for the Tennessee Titans, according to a new leak that originated from GameStop. Henry is a former first-round pick of the Tennessee Titans. The most productive running back in the league over the past couple of seasons, Henry rushed for more than 2,000 yards in 2020 and finished the season with more than 2,000 yards rushing. To put this in context, it's important to note that this is a feat that has only been accomplished eight times in the history of the NFL.

    The leak in question, which appears to show Henry as a playable character in Madden NFL 22, does not appear to show the standard cover art, however. Instead, it depicts Henry with a crown drawn over his head and the name King Henry, which is one of his nicknames, written beneath him. Rather than the standard box art for Madden NFL 22 Coins, it appears that this image will be used for a variant edition of the game if it is used for Madden NFL 22.

    It's also worth noting that the leak makes no mention of a specific release date for Madden NFL 22, which is a disappointment. For the time being, the date on the image that has been created still says TBD. Having said that, nearly every installment in the series is released in August of each year, so we should be able to anticipate the release of the next installment during this time frame.

    It should be noted that while it is possible that this leak is not genuine, GameStop has in the past leaked artwork for sports games such as this on a regular basis. A GameStop leak also resulted in the cover for MLB The Show 21 being revealed a few days early just a couple of weeks before the official release. Because of this, there is a very good chance that Henry will be the one to grace the cover of Madden this season.