New World is not being streamed by Summit1g

  • The long-awaited MMO from Amazon Games Studios has finally arrived, and it has brought with it a slew of enthusiastic fans. During the first few days following its release, New World has risen to near the top of the Twitch charts, and its fans have been singing its praises all over the internet. Summit, on the other hand, is a different story.




    Despite the fact that many well-known creators, including his good friend shroud, have endorsed the new game, the streamer himself is still not convinced.



    "We'll see how it goes through them and see if it's any good.""I don't want to spend the majority of my day slaving away."New World is not being streamed by Summit1g.
    Former CS:GO player continued by saying that games like New World, which are all about grinding and eventually reaching some sort of stat cap, new world coins aren't nearly as satisfying as titles that provide more competitive gameplay.

    "This is the problem with MMOs – there is an upper limit, and everybody hits it. It means that everyone else below them is catching up with them."

    For the streamer, this isn't the first time that he has questioned whether or not the game is right for him. He previously expressed his dissatisfaction with the game's combat mechanics in August, and it's clear that he wasn't overly impressed at the time.

    "To be completely honest, I don't think it looks spectacular."I think there are aspects of it that I like and aspects of it that I don't like, and I think it's too basic," Cheap new world gold he said. The difference between someone PvEing at level 20 and level 60 is indistinguishable to me.

    While New World has undoubtedly won over a large number of fans, it appears unlikely that they will be able to add summit to their list of accomplishments any time soon.