D2R players who have been kicked from lobbies will see an erro



    Several players have reported difficulties in creating lobbies and having their characters temporarily deleted during the Diablo 2: Resurrected beta test, which is ongoing. Maintaining close tabs on Blizzard's server status is, therefore, a wise decision.

    It is possible that D2R players who have been kicked from lobbies will see an error message stating that "an issue occurred while communicating with the game servers."While you may be asked to check your internet connection, it appears that the problem is on Blizzard's end rather than yours. Here's how to determine the current status of the Diablo 2: Resurrected server. The Battle. There is a good chance that Blizzard will provide an update on the server status. According to the message currently displayed, D2R items for sale developers are "investigating issues that prevent some players from seeing existing characters or creating new ones."If Blizzard hasn't updated the launcher and you're unable to connect to a lobby, Downdetector provides real-time status and outage information on a plethora of video games and applications. m. More information can be found on Downdetector's Battle.

    A slew of connectivity issues have been reported by D2R players following the release of the remastered version earlier today. Player access to the lobby has not returned, D2R items despite the fact that the characters have appeared again. An error message appears on the Battle."

    Blizzard's executive producer Rod Fergusson stated on Twitter that the company is "investigating the online issue."