Explore some major changes in Path of Exile

  • The number of people who abandon Diablo to play Path of Exile is increasing year by year. So far, players have enjoyed the richness of gameplay, content, and mechanics. But with the lack of creativity, game studios also feel that players’ interest in Path of Exile is slowly declining. Therefore, after GGG announced the upcoming expansion of the expedition, they also invested in a series of balance changes and supplements to solve the metagame and difficulty of Path of Exile, including the POE Currency of the first act.

    Like many online games, Path of Exile’s player numbers have remained high during the COVID-19 outbreak. However, due to various reasons, including the unsuccessful release, the Ultimatum League failed to maintain its high momentum. The number of online players on the 3.14 expansion day only reached 99% of the previous expansion. The reason why it is only 99% is that the players encountered terrible server problems that day. Wilson said in a previous video interview that if all goes well, the 3.14 extended release date will at least reach 104% of the previous release date.

    But GGG also understands that this expanded mechanism is not suitable for players. The retention rate during the league is very poor, slightly below average. This is partly because for players, its battles are a bit trash, and its item rewards are a bit trash. These are two things that the developers did not determine during the game test, but became apparent as the league progressed. Therefore, its reward system is quite heavy, which means that players spend less time playing it than usual, which is very useful for subsequent improvements.

    This is an important point. Although Path of Exile has been online for nearly 8 years, Grinding Gear Games has learned some new things from players and how it makes games in each expansion. Ultimatum provides some excellent lessons for the studio. GGG will launch Expedition League soon. Every player needs to POE Currency Buy for it, which will be more convenient for their next activities.