Discussion between Path of Exile Expedition's Storm Rain and De

  • Path of Exile and Destiny 2 have something in common that is far more than simple on the surface, including in these two games, players can use their own wisdom to create peculiar buildings to deal with various content. Where Path of Exile has skill gems, auxiliary gems and unique items, Destiny 2 comes with guns. Each gun has its own privilege pool, exotic items and various modules to choose from. There are also professions in both games. Path of Exile has seven basic professions, 19 sublimation professions, providing different gameplay, and Destiny 2 currently has three fundamental elements, each of which has three sub-categories, and POE Currency.

    Because of this, the branching effect of each component will completely change the way each game is played. Even if Path of Exile Expedition’s Storm Rain and Destiny 2’s Anarchy have similar effects, it is impossible to predict how much the former’s new skills will affect. The Path of Exile Expedition league brings players a brand new experience, but it also means that there are many unknown risks. Therefore, players must be very careful to balance their construction between effectively clearing the area full of small monsters and causing enough single-target damage to the boss.

    This means that the premise of Storm Rain sounds very promising, but when the Path of Exile Expedition League is released on PC this Friday, it remains to be seen what its damage figures actually are. This new member of Path of Exile’s skill gem series may be an Easter egg, even enough to guarantee a build around it. This shows that even very different games are likely to have some interesting similarities.

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