The Explosive Concoction (Pathfinder) gem in Path of Exile 3.15

  • The idea of Grinding Gear Games developing the Path of Exile 3.15 extension is to provide everyone with new gems to try and enhance the play style of their characters, no matter what build they play. Players have a lot to say about the newly added 19 new gems, but what attracted most of their attention is the Explosive Concoction (Pathfinder) gem, which is a projectile that can make a loud noise. Wilson described it as a fairly novel skill, which contains some completely new game concepts.

    First of all, this is the first POE skill that can and must be used when unarmed, and it also marks the first time that a skill directly interacts with the benefits of players’ flasks. When throwing at the target area, the mixture will cause fire damage and use your ruby, sapphire, and topaz flask charges to provide some rewards. It depends on they drew which flask the charge from, although players can also use this skill with no available charge, but what they release will not reach its powerful power.

    What developers really like about this gem is that it brings to life the idea of throwing flasks at enemies and making them explode. Combined with the flask-focused benefits provided by Pathfinder’s Ascendancy passive skills, it thrilled them to see which new game styles this gem enables. In the lengthy information stream above, there are many, many new gems available for viewing, so if players desire a complete summary, be sure to check it out. The developers also introduced players to the changes made by the studio to the difficulty of the POE to help solve the power creep since its release, new challenge league content, and Buy POE Currency.

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