Take a look at the first patch since the release of Path of Exi

  • Path of Exile developer GGG successfully released Expedition on PC, Mac, and Xbox before the end of July. Although the release of PS Path of Exile Expedition was delayed because of a brief episode in the database, it did not seriously dampen the enthusiasm of players. Although after its release, the development team also added some small patches to the game, but they are all minor fixes. The big patch that can really bring players QoL Improvements and Heap of Fixes has arrived, which has mobilized the enthusiasm of players and the demand for POE Currency.

    This big patch program brings some quality of life improvements and a series of bug fixes for players. For example, improvements include the addition of supplier recipes for converting Instilling Orbs to Enkindling Orbs. In addition, the quality of the divergent flamethrower trap skill gem no longer increases the casting speed by 0-20%. Now increases the trap throwing speed by 0-20%. The scope of bug fixes is also very extensive, providing players with POE Currency.

    Fixed a bug where Remnants were not affecting the chance to drop an additional Map from Runic Monsters or Excavated Chests.
    Fixed a bug where Logbooks with the implicit “Area contains Vorana, Last to Fall” modifier could sometimes fail to spawn Vorana.
    Fixed a bug where Medved, Feller of Heroes was classified as a Runic monster, and as a result, could have affected by Remnant modifiers that affect Runic monsters.
    Fixed a bug where Expedition Logbook subarea minibosses would be affected by Remnant modifiers that apply to Runic monsters.
    Fixed a bug with the seed generation of Expedition NPC shops.
    Fixed a bug where some Ancient Kalguuran Text could be unreachable.
    Fixed a bug where Shield Crush could fail to Buy POE Orbs if your back was up against a wall.
    Fixed a bug where you could use Explosive Concoction with an off-hand Weapon and a disabled main-hand Weapon.
    Fixed a bug where Manabond could deal damage through walls.

    The patch also includes Path of Exile: Royal’s changes to matching, gameplay, skills and support gems, passive trees, items, etc. In short, more and more players are struggling in the expedition league. No one can take the lead forever. Only those players who stay motivated and buy enough POE Currency can always have an immense advantage.