There are also Merchants

  • If their name was like, 'X mxrng3pk X' (if this is your name, sorry) and their combat level was low, I could identify them as a possible pure. Then, I examined their clothing and determined if it was alching or ranged equipment. I was sure they could be pure, so pures are sorted.

    Combaters are those who put more importance on combat statistics than skills stats. They can wear the same equipment as maxed stat players but have 500 to 600 lower levels total and have a lesser understanding of non-combat abilities. I discovered a magical site called hiscores which could help me solve my problem. I now knew the stats of every player, regardless of whether they were skilled or pure, or just a regular balanced player.

    There are also Merchants. They could fall under any of the four categories mentioned above. However, sometimes they could be level 70 or more with massive amounts of money and tremendous influence over the economy. These people were a mystery to me and I'm not sure what I should think.

    Then, there's the Player and Forum Moderators. Now, I'm not going to talk about powers, but personality. Player Moderators are easy most of the time; Silver Crown is an excellent, trustworthy, legal player. Forum Moderators could be a challenge. I don't have anything against them. But, they might be forum-based and have an in-game account that includes 23 woodcutting and 18 Fletching.

    Using my the techniques above such as appearance, level, stats and name; they aren't able to shine on me as someone who is worthy of noticing. There's only one thing left, the way they talk to Buy RS 3 Gold you. It's not just punctually correct, but also warm and compassionate. Now, I listen to this 23 Woodcutting and 18 Fletching man and then talk to him. I'm not saying that this is just the Forum Mods. I'm simply using these to illustrate.