The website itself is not being removed

  • There are a number of reasons, but I won't go through all of RuneScape Gold them. Since years ago, I haven’t been playing RuneScape as a pastime. While I still feel the urge to log in occasionally, I don’t enjoy spending my time trying to complete useless tasks within a fake world.

    Since 2007, I've been playing mostly for this site, as I believed it had value and that I was a fan of helping other players. I hoped that the site would be financially viable to pay for the time and energy required to create high-quality content. I was unable to make the website financially feasible due to my financial circumstances and my oldest son's imminent college entrance. I am forced to move on.

    Here are some details about what is happening in the near future: The website itself is not being removed; it will just be "mothballed" and left in place. I've added a disclaimer to each page warning players that the information may be out of date or may become so in the future. So long as the RuneScoop forum community is active, it will be open.

    All RuneScoop subscriptions that are recurring were removed to avoid any further costs. Members who are currently members will continue to have access to the members' version as long as the site is up. In addition, since I did not live up to my end any person who bought an annual subscription can call me to cancel it. If they're unhappy with the service, they may request an refund.

    Many thanks again to all who have contributed to 2007 RS Items and helped the site. Good luck with your next RuneScape adventures! You can't make a dime playing Runescape.