I don't know what technical issues this could cause

  • Runescape can only be played in the northern part of RuneScape Gold the hemisphere. The top of the map appears frozen, like north pole while the bottom part is scorching hot, like the Equator. Is there ever a southern hemisphere.

    You don't need to reply to every point by the way, I'm just creating some questions for discussion. Personally, I think they should redo Karamja and the mainland to increase their size and include more content. However, I don't know what technical issues this could cause.

    Jagex could do a lot of things, such as removing most of the teleports or making them harder to utilize beyond hub for teleportation. The world map appears smaller due to the presence of so many Teleports.

    The second reason is that it is advisable to vastly expand the size of all things. The more wilderness we have and the more we can immerse ourselves in the fantasy realm in which we play the role of adventurers who traverse between the top of civilization and the interior to the badlands. With a long draw distance, the map's small dimensions will be apparent. Jagex can make a few important adjustments to aid in this:

    Re-shape mountain ranges. Currently, we have a few influential mountains that are east of Varrock, those north of Buy Old School RS Gold Burthorpe and those to the that are south of Al Kharid, and those west of Ardougne. These mountains should appear more real, and rivers and other waterways should flow from them. This will make the map more credible.