A few months ago this card was among the top available

  • The card is a good performer after the catch numbers, but it does not quite reach the 90-juke threshold. Its run blocking is the single issue with this Ghosts of Mut 22 coins Madden Gonzales card. The players will prefer to use his slot card or in pass-heavy sets.

    Woodson is a good choice as cornerbacks. He's quick, with all coverage numbers that are higher than 93. This isn't a common occurrence, but Woodson is prone to be a bit off the field with just 79 tackles. In pass defense, Woodson is one of the best cards at this stage. Woodson's athletic nature will allow players to make the most of many opportunities for interceptions.

    Simmons is superior over the Sean Taylor card "the 50". It has 95 speed in addition to 95 tackling, coverage for 94 men, and 99 zone coverage. Simmons is 6'4 inches tall and" is in addition taller than Taylor. Simmons is a S-tier safety that any player would like on their team at the moment. Simmons' poor ball-carrying skills reveal the weaknesses of the card.

    Another Madden, another Bo Jackson card. Gamers will be able throw the ball all over the field using 96 speed as well as 94 agility and jumps above the 90 threshold. Jackson is strong and can haul linemen at 95 trucking and the strength of 88. The bad receiving statistics are the sole reason why it isn't at highest of the pile. Kamara is the best Ghosts of Madden card because it is only one-dimensional.

    A few months ago this card was among the top available. Since then, EA have introduced a few new cards which beat the Ghosts of Madden Kamara. What makes this card impressive is its small and intermediate stats for cheap madden 22 mut coins receiving. Kamara has the speed and jukes for the bell-cowback, and Kamara can run any slot receiver route the highest level of perfection. If a game offers running backs a chance to match up with linebackers, players would like to have Kamara on their team.