FIFA 22:How to get hero cards in the game

  • As a FIFA player, one thing you need to know is how to get Hero cards in the game and how they work. Ultimate Team is a defining feature of FIFA games, and Heroes is a new feature of FUT. They bring players a more exciting gaming experience than in previous years, and these Hero cards play a very important role in developing their own teams.

    As players who have not entered FIFA 22 Coins the Icon status, Hero cards are their representative items. Players in reality have a large number of fans in their careers, and they are also brought to FIFA Ultimate Team as heroes. There is only one version of each hero card.

    In FIFA 22, the Hero card player's overall rating is 85 points, and there are even higher points. The behavior of hero cards is similar to icons in function, and they are provided according to the alliance the player is in. If a player participates in a certain series of leagues, he will not only bring changes to the team, but also have some effects on the players in the team.

    You can get FIFA 22 hero cards from the card pack, as well as standard cards and icons. Every time you open the card pack, you may get a brand new hero card. In addition, players can use the FIFA function to Buy FUT 22 Coins preview the gift package to figure out what is included in the gift package before purchasing, but only one gift package can be previewed per day.

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