WOW TBC Classic: WOW Classic will change with the arrival of th

  • Blizzard wants to re-awaken the excitement of WOW Classic players who want a new experience on Season of Mastery servers. This game will Buy TBC Gold provide players with a brand new classic version, but it is different from the product released in 2019.

    The original intention of WOW Classic is #NoChanges, but Blizzard has noticed that there have been some subtle differences in player interest compared to the mid-2000s.

    Classic servers have now begun to shift to the new traditional content expansion, Blizzard said that players will soon usher in a new vanilla WoW server. But it will also become more concentrated with harder games and higher quality of life.

    The timeline of content release is a major difference between the Season of Mastery and Classic.

    August 2019 was when Classic started, and then the final patch was released in early December 2020. This patch lasted until June 2021, and then started TBC Classic.

    Blizzard's idea for the new Season of Mastery is to publish content at a faster rate, and they hope to produce "12-month cadence."

    This change may be that Blizzard needs to restart the Season of Mastery every year in order to allow vanilla WOW players to get a repeating classic experience.

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    The six stages of the Season of Mastery will be exactly the same as the content drop in the classic server to a large extent, but its first stage will immediately introduce the PVP honor system and battlefield, rather than in a staggered manner WOW TBC Gold afterwards.

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