FIFA 22: Players can obtain FGS tokens in FGS events to redeem

  • Since the FIFA global series of exchange tokens will return to FIFA 22, players will soon be able to earn free FUT items by watching FGS events on Twitch.

    Swap Token FGS items can be Buy FUT 22 Coins obtained by watching FIFA Global Series e-sports events, and various player package rewards can also be redeemed.

    The value of the gift package that players receive depends on the number of tokens they can redeem for repeated FGS SBC at one time, so if you want to get a better free reward, you need to earn more tokens.

    Since EA Sports previously stated that the FIFA 22 Go Global Series will start on November 27, 2021, players will be able to earn money through this event by then.

    However, last year, the event started with the FIFA 21 Challenge on October 29, which included rewards for spectators.

    The FIFAe Club Series qualifiers will start in November and will include both TOTY and TOS Cups.

    You can earn FGS tokens by watching various events throughout the year, but it should be noted that before watching FGS events on Twitch, players should not forget to link their EA and Twitter accounts.

    After that, all players need to do is watch FGS events and earn tokens. These tokens can be used to exchange various package rewards, which include four different levels of rewards.

    And in a different place from last year, players can get multiple rewards including FUT cosmetics and tokens every time they watch the event, which seems to make the FIFA 22 Coins reason for watching these games more sufficient.

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