FIFA 22: Let's finish Rulebreakers Christopher Nkunku SBC toget

  • Two 86-level rule-breaker versions of Christopher Nkunku were added to FIFA 22 by EA Sports from RB Leipzig on October 16. This project can be achieved through the squad-building challenge (SBC) menu in the game.

    This is after the TOTW version, Nkunku's second special FUT 22 Coins card in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. The Rulebreakers trailer will change the way we play with other players, and will provide data upgrades, while reducing one skill and adding another skill that we don’t normally upgrade.

    This is the one chosen by the players and also the first Rulebreakers SBC released. Two 86-level Nkunku versions with different upgrade skills are available for those who complete all squads to choose from.

    If we compare this new card with his level 81 gold version, we will find that most of Nkunku's skills have been improved by EA, and its physical, defense, speed and dribbling attributes have been enhanced.

    These versions have the same speed, dribbling, physical, and defensive attributes. One has higher shooting attributes, while the other has better passing attributes. We can choose according to the way we like the game or the way that suits our team.

    On Playstation, we will probably spend 162,000 FUT coins for this SBC, 168,000 on Xbox, and 188,000 on PC. We must hand over two teams including Germany and France before November 6 to Buy FIFA 22 Coins complete this Rulebreakers Nkunku SBC.

    An 85-level team, and at least 60 chemical reactions, and at least a TOWW card and a Bundesliga player, these are the content of the first solution. The second one requires an 87-level team, which includes 55 chemical reactions, and a player from France.

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