FIFA 22: The number of players in FIFA 22

  • We know that FIFA series games have been in the leading position of football competitive games for many years. So, what is the exact number of its players?

    FIFA is the best-selling franchise in history. It gathers loyal fans who continue to grow every year. This latest version of FIFA 22 is no exception.

    The game team has added a lot of FIFA 22 Coins improvements, fixes, and new features to FIFA 22, and players can compete with players from all over the world on the pixelated court.

    In terms of the number of gamers, FIFA 22 has made a brilliant start.

    Since EA announced the release of this series of games, more than 9 million players have played this game. However, it is still very complicated to subdivide this number if you have to consider each of the game terminals and different versions included.

    9.1 million players have joined the game since its release, and they have created 7.6 million ultimate teams and participated in 460 million matches. The game team said that they will continue to provide players with an amazing experience throughout the season, and they sincerely thank the incredible fan community.

    According to data from Steamcharts, the number of concurrent players that FIFA 22 has on the PC shows a total of 51,000, which is a record high. And this is only a small part of the active play clusters on all platforms.

    Moreover, FIFA 22 far exceeds other competitors of the same type. Several other sports competitions compete with FIFA every year, but they have not even come close to FIFA so far. In March last year, EA announced that FIFA's total sales in 2017 had exceeded 325 million.

    FIFA's historical total sales have been ahead of other games of the same type year after year, and its strong data has Buy FUT 22 Coins kept it at the top of the list.

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