New World: Players can try new weapons in the upcoming public t

  • New World will have the opportunity to test a major update that brings a lot of content to the game before it goes live. The game’s developers have announced that New World will gain access to a public testing area and allow players to experiment and provide their feedback before the new features go live. In the first test, players will be able to try a new weapon called Void Gauntlet.

    The public beta of New World will be opened at 2 pm Central Time on November 10, and it will run as a standalone application. In the beginning, it was only open in one world each in the eastern United States and Central Europe, so there may be many players who did not have the opportunity to try new content. In addition, in order to save time, players can immediately upgrade to reach the level Amazon New World Coins range of equipment with appropriate items.

    In this PTR, players can try the new weapon the Void Gauntlet. Amazon describes it as a weapon that supports DPS and supports a mix. Its two skill trees, one focuses on damage, and the other focuses on providing healing and debuffing effects.

    For therapists or other general magic professions, these are all advantageous attributes. Void Gauntlet can reduce concentration, so it can be used as a good backup weapon for healers. Moreover, players do not need to assign their own status, nor do they need to rely on amber gems, which are all inconsistent due to errors.

    I believe that the New World game New World Coins team will bring us more updates in the coming days. New World's gameplay will also become richer, after all, it has just started, and there is still a lot of room for improvement.

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