Vibrating Sifter Applications and Main Features

  • Rotary vibrating screen, also called ZS Vibrating Sifter , is a common and increasingly common type of vibrating screen. Because of the difference of structure, design and manufacturing principle, the rotary vibration sieve is especially suitable for screening, impurity removal and filtration of fine materials, and can meet the requirements of dry and wet screening.

    Rotary Vibrating Screen Market by Applications:

    Chemical Industry

    Metallurgical Powder Industry

    Other Industry


    1. Chemical industry: resin powder, paint, washing powder, fine powder, paint, soda ash, lemon powder, rubber, plastic and so on.

    2. Abrasive, ceramic industry: alumina, quartz sand, mud, spray soil particles.

    3. Food industry: sugar, salt, alkali, monosodium glutamate, milk powder, soy milk, yeast, fruit juice, soy sauce, vinegar and so on.

    4. Paper industry: coating coatings, white mud, black and white liquid, waste liquid, paper liquid, wastewater recovery.

    5. Metallurgical industry: titanium oxide, zinc oxide, electromagnetic materials, metal powder, electrode powder.

    6. Pharmaceutical industry: medicine powder, liquid medicine, medicine and other particles.

    7. Environmental protection: waste, manure, waste oil, food waste water, wastewater processing.

    Main characteristics of gate type rotary vibrating screen/Circular vibrating separator:

    1, full closed, no dust overflow, continuous operation;

    2, the screening of high precision, high efficiency, high utilization rate of screen;

    3, small size, light weight, quick start, low noise;

    4, the direction of material can be arbitrarily changed along the circumferential direction.

    Choose the right Vibrating Sifter is important, you're recommended to visit vibrating sifter and Classifier Machine manufacturer before but products.